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  • Fallout 4 New Gen Update & TV Show bringing back players to the Games!


    In a surprising twist of events, the recent release of Amazon's highly anticipated Fallout TV show has reignited interest in the iconic Fallout game series. Fans old and new are diving back into the post-apocalyptic world, drawn by the show's captivating narrative and nostalgic allure.

    What sets the Fallout TV show apart is its faithful adaptation of the game universe, capturing the essence of the series and translating it into a compelling visual narrative. This authenticity has resonated with viewers, inspiring many to pick up the controller and experience the wasteland firsthand.

    For existing fans, the show serves as a nostalgic reminder of their adventures in the Fallout universe, while newcomers are intrigued by the unique blend of retro-futurism, dark humor, and moral dilemmas that define the games.

    The connection between the TV show and the games has created a symbiotic relationship, with each medium complementing the other to create a richer, more immersive experience. As discussions and excitement around Fallout continue to grow, the community is buzzing with theories, fan creations, and shared experiences.

    With the Fallout TV show acting as a catalyst, the games are once again in the spotlight, drawing in players old and new to explore the radioactive ruins, face off against mutated creatures, and navigate the complexities of a post-nuclear world.

    Looking at the SteamDB.info website , it shows that there is a GAIN of +139.0%  which brought around 35k players more

    Fallout 4


    Fallout 3 saw a small jump : 


    Fallout 76 124% which is around 15k players more



    The Fallout 4 next-gen upgrade is slated for release on April 25

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