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  • Rockstar selling you cracked copies on Steam


    Before it happened with Rockstar , it seems that it's happening again as reported by Twitter User Silent

    The screenshot which is taken by Silent can show that the executable that is being used is cracked by RAZOR 1911


    The irony of this that Rockstar and Take Two fights Piracy with their full power at anytime , the decision to use a cracked executable from cracker group is quite astonishing , where a multi-billion dollar company will have to go use a crack and then sell the cracked game to people.

    To continue the comedy , an account on Twitter with the name of Razor 1911 , could be official and could be not has posted this :

    And then game companies wonder why people will prefer Pirating the game over buying a pirated game or a game protected by a DRM that will trouble you more than makes your experience easier since you paid money.

    Bravo to Rockstar! and do NOT sell Warez.


    Thanks to Silent and RAZOR 1911. :classic_biggrin:

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