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[WORKAROUND]XRDP - Could not acquire name on session bus


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Sometimes after updating Ubuntu or some accident happen and you manage to get yourself disconnected or restarted the wrong service after the update

Connecting back again would show you this error message :


Normally restarting the server would allow us to connect again , but if a restart isn't possible we will have to SSH to the machine so we can get back to XRDP

After logging into SSH , we have to run this command


loginctl — Control the systemd login manager

sudo loginctl list-sessions

You will receive output like this

 246 	1000 	TESTUSER  			pts/0
 c2 	1000 	TESTUSER    seat0 

Your XRDP sessions would be most likely as c1 , c2 , c3 ,c4 etc...

We will run after

sudo loginctl terminate-session <your session ID>

sudo loginctl terminate-session c2

After terminating the session it would be possible again to login in XRDP.

Seeding the net..
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