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  • Use Windows 10 Taskbar with Windows 11 - Explorer Patch


    ExplorerPatcher aims to enhance the working environment on Windows.

    PayPal donations: here or using e-mail address valentingabrielradu@gmail.com


    Feature summary

    • Choose between Windows 11 or Windows 10 taskbar (with labels support, small icons and lots of customization).
    • Disable Windows 11 context menu and command bar in File Explorer and more.
    • Open Start to All apps by default, choose number of frequent apps to show, display on active monitor and more.
    • Choose between the Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows NT Alt-Tab window switcher with customization.
    • Lots of quality of life improvements for the shell, like:
      • Skin tray menus to match Windows style, make them behave like flyouts and center them relative to the icon.
      • Choose action when left and/or right clicking the network icon.
      • Revert to the Windows 7 search box in File Explorer, or disable Windows Search altogether.
      • Disable immersive menus and use mitigations that help you run the real classic theme without glitches.
      • Learn more about all the functionality offered by this program starting with this article in the wiki, here.

    Some features may not be available on Windows 10.

    How to?

    1. Download the latest version of the setup program.
    2. Run the installer. It will automatically prompt for elevation, after which it will install the necessary files.
    3. When done, you will be greeted with the familiar Windows 10 taskbar. To customize the options offered by the program, right click the taskbar and choose "Properties".

    That's it. It's that simple.

    What next?

    • Consult the wiki - this is highly recommended. There you will find information about more advanced tasks, modes of operation and features offered by this patcher.
    • Get familiar with most of the features offered by this patcher here.
    • Learn how to manage updates and what to expect from new versions and new Windows builds here.
    • Have a question? Consult the Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Some other question? Open a thread in Discussions.
    • Found a bug, have an issue or a problem with the application? Read here what to do next.
    • I highly encourage you to check out the source code and tinker with it. I am open to merging new features, enhancements and fixes; also, I think it provides good insights on topics of interests in this area.

    Known issues

    Items marked with "bug" that are still "Open" represent known issues. Active work is undergone regarding an item if it is additionally marked with "investigating". Help is especially required for items marked with "help wanted". Consult the list in Issues.


    • Use "Programs and Features" in Control Panel, or "Apps and features" in the Settings app or
    • Run ep_setup.exe /uninstall or
    • Rename ep_setup.exe to ep_uninstall.exe and run that.


    • The program features built-in updates: go to "Properties" - "Updates" to configure, check for and install the latest updates. Learn more here.
    • Download the latest version's setup file and simply run it.

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