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  • Sega's Restructuring: Layoffs, Relic's Independence, and Future Projects Unveiled


    Sega's recent announcement of extensive layoffs has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry, impacting key studios such as Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and Hardlight. The news came in an email from Sega Europe boss Jurgen Post, detailing the layoffs affecting approximately 240 roles across these studios. Notably, the email also mentioned the sale of Relic Entertainment, responsible for iconic titles like Company of Heroes and Dawn of War.

    While specific numbers for each studio were not disclosed, Sega did confirm that Sports Interactive and Two Point Studios, also under the Sega Europe umbrella, were not affected. Despite the layoffs, Creative Assembly's upcoming projects, including new entries in the Total War series and an unannounced project, are still in active development.

    The sale of Relic Entertainment marks a significant transition as the studio moves towards becoming independently operated. Sega expressed its support for this shift, indicating a positive outlook for Relic's future endeavors. Relic itself affirmed its newfound independence, mentioning an external investor aiding in this transition. Notably, work on Company of Heroes 3 and ongoing support for their existing games will continue unabated.

    This announcement underscores the volatile nature of the gaming industry, where companies must navigate evolving market dynamics while striving to maintain creativity and innovation. As Sega and its associated studios navigate these changes, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the future projects and developments that will emerge from this transformative period.

    With Relic have posted this with the news announcement :


    I think after Relic failed with Company of Heroes 3 and ruined the series with this failure , SEGA might have lost more than it invested and realized it is not worth to keep Relic with their failing game CoH3.

    From a gaming giant in the old school gaming market, to a company that is laying off staff and developers.

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