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    If you have been waiting for Cities Skylines 2 and then got disappointed of how poorly it runs , it's completely understandable , I was able to avoid the low FPS start of the game , but wasn't able to continue that much because loading my saved city would keep making the game crash!.

    According to Colossal Order developers post , we have to tweak some settings in order to get some better FPS from the game since the game is very un-optimized and need lot of fixing still or needs saving by the community modders.

    First recommendation from developers were to tune down the resolution to 1080p , I kept it as 1440p and went with other recommendations as below:


    Depth of Field - Disabled


    Volumetrics Quality - Disabled



    Depth of Field - Disabled

    Motion Blur - Disabled


    Dynamic Resolution Scale Quality - Disabled

    Even after tweaking those settings you will still experience stuttering and sudden decrease in FPS and even crashes , developer patches are still needed because the game isn't in the best condition it could have been.

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