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  • Broken Arrow Open Beta now available to all till 16th February 2024

    You've been waiting patiently, but 
    the Multiplayer Open Beta is now here

    Get ready to engage in exciting 5v5 online matches, 
    starting today and until February 16.

    It is an Open Beta, meaning that everyone will be accepted automatically and immediately. It also means you are able to stream the game, make videos of it and upload them, talk about it with your friends. Simply put, there will be no NDA restrictions.

    It is a 
    multiplayer beta only
     and it contains no single-player content whatsoever. The game at launch will contain single-player scenarios and single-player campaigns, but the purpose of this playtest phase is to test online play.

    The beta build currently contains 6 multiplayer maps playable in 5vs5 with only 4 out of the ten specializations the game will contain at launch, for the two playable factions, USA and Russia. If you want more information on what the open beta contains, please refer to this post.
    How to download and install

    The Open Beta is only available through Steam. In order to download it, head to the steam page of Broken Arrow

    You will need to click on the green button which says 

    . You will be given access automatically and "Broken Arrow Playtest" will appear in your Steam Library.

    Then, all you need to do is to click Install and the download will start.
    Please note that you might be required to close and relaunch Steam in order for the download to begin.
    Multiplayer challenge

    We have decided to challenge the community with a contest: during those 16 days players will have the chance to climb two unique leaderboards: K/D ratio and Win/Loss ratio.

    At the end of the open beta we’ll know who the winners and top players among the community are. We will also reward the most active player for the duration of the beta.

    Victory will be rewarded with the possibility of taking part in a special live round table with the developers: those who manage to get in the first five positions of each leaderboard will get the chance to take part in this live event with Steel Balalaika and they will be able to talk with the developers, offering them feedback and opinions and asking whatever they want about the game. We’ll make sure to update you daily on Discord on who is leading each leaderboard.
    Struggling with the basics?

    If you're struggling with learning how to play, don't worry. The game at launch will feature ways for new players to be gradually introduced to gameplay mechanics and they will be able to learn the ropes, but for now please refer to this short guide.

    It serves as a useful guide to get started and learn the basics. Should you still have trouble please join our discord channel: Broken Arrow has a big and helpful community and plenty of experienced players willing to lend a hand and teach newcomers.

    Have fun!

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