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  • Apex Legends ALGS NA Final Postponed Due to Cheats


    Due to cheats being used in the Final , the Tournament was postponed and a twitter post by Apex Legends Esports states the following :


    While Easy Anti Cheat stating this after


    According to PCGAMESN website that :

    Midway through their match on Storm Point, TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen and DarkZero’s Noyan ‘Genburten’ Ozkose were both hit by what appears to be an RCE hack, meaning that the bad actor could, in theory, manipulate elements of their games.

    As a result, both players had their cheats toggled on instead of off, hence Hal’s “I’ve got an aimbot.”Additionally, as the hack went through, a bizarre message seems to have popped up on Genburten’s screen, showing that cheats were, in fact, switched on mid-match.

    As a result, Respawn terminated the match, officially stating that “due to the competitive integrity of this series being compromised, we have made the decision to postpone the NA finals at this time.
    We will share more  information soon.”



    It is quite weird and funny how even in Tournaments , Gamers will still try to cheat while the Anti-Cheat software or the people who monitor are almost useless.

    Paying a license to anticheat software as a developer that won't be able to protect your game even in a country wide tournament.. is quite an astonishing disappointment.

    EAC clarifying that their software is not vulnerable but not clarifying about the cheat being un-detected is also more funny.


    Gamers were hacking their way to the 2 millions :classic_smile::classic_biggrin:

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