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  • Phishing mails stealing Hetzner logins / credit card data


    Hetzner has informed that a wave of phishing emails is currently targeting users of Hetzner, a prominent hosting company. These fraudulent emails are designed to steal login credentials and credit card information by masquerading as legitimate communication from Hetzner.

    Key Characteristics of the Phishing Emails

    • Subject Line: "Action required: Update your payment information for XY.COM"
    • Fake Sender: The emails falsely claim to be from "HETZNER."

    These emails are not from Hetzner. Users are strongly advised not to click on any links contained within these emails. If you receive such an email, it is crucial to delete it immediately.

    The Threat

    The phishing emails direct recipients to a counterfeit login page, intended to harvest their login credentials. Entering your username or password on this page compromises your account security or even your credit card data.

    Recommended Actions

    1. Do Not Click Links: Avoid clicking on any links in the phishing email.
    2. Delete the Email: Remove the phishing email from your inbox immediately.
    3. Report to Support: If you have mistakenly entered your login details, contact Hetzner's support team right away by submitting a support request from your account.
    4. Change Your Password: As a precaution, change your password promptly.
    5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Activate 2FA on your Hetzner account for an added layer of security.

    Staying vigilant and following these recommended actions will help protect your personal information and ensure your Hetzner account remains secure. If you have any concerns or need assistance, Hetzner's support team is available to help.

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    Phishing mails stealing (Hetzner) logins / credit card data

    There are currently phishing emails circulating in the name of Hetzner.
    You can recognise these emails by the following features:

    The email has the subject "Action required: Update your payment information for XY.COM" and asks you to update your payment information.

    The email has the fake sender "HETZNER"

    This email is not from us. Please do not click on the links it contains.
    If you have received such an e-mail, please delete it immediately.

    A link contained in the e-mail is intended to lure you to a fake login page of accounts and to spy on your login data. Please do not open these emails and do not click on any of the links they contain.

    If you have inadvertently entered your username or password on such a page, please contact our support team immediately. Write us a support request from your account.

    We recommend that you change your password and delete the phishing email.

    In addition, you can activate 2-factor authentication (2FA) in accounts to protect your account.



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