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  • Microsoft's impossible orbit captcha system


    Microsoft Outlook Orbit CAPTCHA. This system presents users with a 3D model of a planet and requires them to rotate it to a specific orientation to pass the test. This CAPTCHA aims to be more secure by utilizing 3D spatial reasoning, which is harder for bots to solve.

    Issues with the Orbit CAPTCHA

    1. Difficulty Level: The task may be too difficult for users to complete accurately, leading to frustration and repeated failures.
    2. User Experience: Poor user interface design or laggy controls can make it hard for users to manipulate the 3D model correctly.
    3. Accessibility: Users with disabilities or those using assistive technologies might find it challenging to interact with the 3D model.

    What worse than this captcha?

    There cannot be anything worse than this version of captcha created by Microsoft , no matter how correct or right you are it still refuses you to continue and will continue to confuse you no matter what do you do , and the funniest thing is that it's written as Title " Help us beat robots " while barely the human is able to pass something that is so dumb and stupid.



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