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  • Access Issues Following VMware's Migration to Broadcom


    The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, while strategically significant, has not been without its challenges, particularly for end-users. Following the announcement that the migration process is complete, numerous users have reported difficulties accessing their licenses and software downloads. These issues highlight the complexities and potential disruptions associated with large-scale corporate integrations.

    Access Issues Faced by Users

    1. License Availability: One of the primary concerns among VMware customers is the inability to access their software licenses. Licenses, which are crucial for activating and using VMware products, have reportedly become inaccessible due to system changes and integration hiccups.

    2. Software Downloads: Users have also experienced difficulties in downloading VMware software from the updated Broadcom portals. The transition appears to have led to disruptions in the availability of necessary software packages, impacting business operations reliant on timely software updates and installations.

    3. Support Delays: Alongside access issues, there have been delays in customer support responses. Users seeking assistance with the new system or needing urgent support for their software have found themselves facing longer wait times and unresolved tickets.

    Reasons for the Disruptions

    • System Integration: The integration of VMware's systems into Broadcom's infrastructure is a complex process. Migrating databases, user accounts, and access controls can lead to temporary disruptions as systems are synchronized and tested.

    • Portal Transition: The shift from VMware’s customer portals to Broadcom’s platforms has not been seamless. Differences in system architecture and user interface can create confusion and accessibility problems during the transition period.

    • Increased Demand on Support Services: The migration has likely led to a spike in support requests, overwhelming customer service teams and leading to delays in resolving user issues.

    Looking at the community forum thread here shows how many people are affected by the mentioned problems 


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