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  • The Ongoing Bot Crisis in Team Fortress 2: A Call for Action


    For over five years, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) has been plagued by a severe botting crisis that has severely impacted the gaming experience in public lobbies. These AI-controlled bots, which require human input to set up and manage, are operated by individuals known as "bot hosters" or simply "hosters."

    This issue is deeply rooted in the 2020 leak of the game's source code, which has given malicious actors the tools needed to create and deploy bots that automate gameplay and harass human players. These AI-controlled bots require human input to set up and manage, and the individuals behind them are known as "bot hosters" or simply "hosters."

    In 2021, Valve, the developer of TF2, promised to address the botting issue following the massive "SaveTF2" movement initiated by the community. Despite this promise, little to no action has been taken, leaving the problem unresolved. As a result of Valve's inaction, these hosters continue to exploit their control over the game, harassing players and engaging in malicious activities such as doxxing and swatting those who attempt to combat the botting problem.

    The situation has reached a critical point, and the TF2 community is calling for immediate action to address the rampant botting and abusive behavior from hosters. This document contains evidence and testimonies detailing the misconduct and harassment faced by players at the hands of these bot hosters.

    Currently players are review bombing Team Fortress 2 on steam , making the rating goes into mostly negative


    With this link in the most liked review recently


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1goBP5DVr0we85Ohnc7IHukOtTS-uISEa/view - A pdf link that explains the whole problem with the TF2 bots crisis.


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