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Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Tech Test + Mini Review


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Access can be gained through CoH3 Steam Store page.



Multiplayer Tech Test

  • Wednesday, Jan 11th @ 10am PT to Monday, Jan 16th @ 10am PT 

Planned Downtime 

  • January 12th from 1pm PT to 3pm PT 
  • Dependent on player numbers 

Backup Downtime 

  • January 13th – 10am PT to 12pm PT 
  • We will only use this downtime if we did not conduct maintenance on January 12th
  • Dependent on player numbers

Once the planned downtime is complete, we will be providing access to the Annihilation victory condition


Review :

The game has been dumbed down a lot since Company of Heroes 1

Comparing to gameplay of CoH1 , This game look like a Console edition or even a Mobile edition

Textures of the units are so big and colored like it is a Fortnite of Heroes game , The tank shells and mortar shells , are so slow that you can even watch them travel.

Zoom level is so bad that you can't even focus on more than what you are looking at , a tank and an infantry unit and you will feel overwhelmed because you are almost sitting with the tank crewan

Coming from Blitzkrieg Mod from Company of Heroes 1 , this game feels so much downgraded , even more downgraded than what Company of Heroes 2 had.


In the positive side , the animation and soldiers and some of the sounds are good, but still need improvement , like for MG42 , it should rip anyone infront of it and also it have a unique sound , but in game it feels like it's a paintball MG42

Tanks repeadetly hitting soldiers with tank shells , mortar falling multiple times on soldiers units , but nothing happens to them only after the 5th or 6th round


Seeding the net..
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