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Commandos 2 Destination Paris 2.0


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What Is Commandos 2: Destination Paris?
Commandos 2: Destination Paris, is a modification of the game Commandos 2: Men of Courage, originally made by Pyro Studios. Most of the original game has been changed, to give the player a new and exciting Commandos experience. Pyro Studios are no longer making Commandos games in the style of Commandos 2, which many people are fans of. This mod gives people almost a new game, without having to spend a penny.
The mod has been made more challenging, to stop you completing it too quickly, so you will get a long game. It will challenge even the best Commandos players. Nevertheless it's been calibrated for novices and for people that are a bit 'rusty'.

Who Made The Mod?
Many devoted fans gave their support. To date more than 50 people got involved in this mod.

Destination Paris is reborn!
Since the late news seem to have excluded an immediate possibility of a new commandos game in the GOS
(good old style [of Commandos 2, for ex.]) we have decided to remod Commandos 2: Destination Paris and give it new life, including some great new missions from other willing modders and the possibility to play the Commandos 3, BEL and BTCOD Missions in Commandos 2!

The mod has been revisited under many aspects, it has been rewritten in many parts, below you will find the descriptions. Special thanks go to all the people that kept trying and going through the many limiting barriers they encountered. Extra special thanks to our Chinese Community

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