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Crackwatch has temporarily closed


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Crackwatch.com is temporarily closing but will be back soon!

As you know, Crackwatch.com's only source of revenue is from affiliate game sells on Instant-Gaming, Gamivo and Kinguin.

As very little AAA games are being released right now, our advertising revenue is very low and we can no longer afford to pay for servers.

We could try more intrusive ads but we respect you guys too much for that! We would rather temporarily close Crackwatch.com for a few months until more AAA games are releasing.

In the meantime we will also keep working on V4 which should be much more optimized for servers and cost less to run.

Make sure to only trust Crackwatch.com for your source of updates as we have no social account like Telegram, Facebook, Discord, etc... or other websites.

You can continue to support us by buying games using the banners below.

Thank you all for being such an awesome community! See you soon!



Seeding the net..
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