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Batman Gotham Knights


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Batman Gotham Knights is made by WB Montreal , it has a large open world city , divided into 17 districts , each district is controlled by an Elite Talon , Four main playable characters , Batman , Nightwing , Robin , Batwoman , Harley Quinn is a bonus pre-order character

Switch between those characters at any time while they are in different places , similiar to GTA V

Main Antagonist is the Court of Owls , Talons can regenerate after being defeated and will go after the character that defeated them

Defeating an Elite Talon means that their district becomes part of Batman Inc , GIivng access to a new upgrades , crafting materials , etc.

Secret villians controlling the Court are the Three Jokers (Based on Geoff Johns' upcoming coming)

It's expected to come Early 2021

Seeding the net..
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